Quieting the Mind – As a Way to Resolve Conflict in Relationships

I noticed that most of my interactions with others are confined to exchange of words. I find it so uncomfortable to be with someone without saying a word. I would blink my eyes, scratch my head, look left, smile and other any other action just to make myself feel comfortable. If I keep still and not doing anything, I tend to judge the person or thinking what that person thinks about me. In other words, if I not doing anything my mind will wandering around.

  • What I’m going to talk about?
  • Why she’s looking at me that way?
  • I think she can’t be trusted
  • Why she does not say a word?
  • What she think about me?

A still and quiet mind can make you less reactive to the “problem” of life and it will give you inner peace. I reckoned still and quiet mind will give a tremendous boost to my relationship with others. I started practising quieting the mind with my wife. We look at each other in the eye and say nothing. It wasn’t easy when we first started. There were a lot of noises in our mind. We tend to do things to cover up being uncomfortable. However, it becomes easy and easier over time. Now we are comfortable being in stillness together. With stillness, comes the sense of spaciousness, spaces that we can fill with anything.

The relationship which is dominated by the noisy mind can easily be taken over by problems and conflict.

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