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Family means warmness place to stay, happiness time to share, and understanding persons around you. It is also a base of society. If a child comes from the happy family, it is sure that he or she is going to be a good people in the country. Some families are small; maybe have only a couple of lovers. Some are big families; maybe have father, mother, suns, daughters or grand parents stay together.

The beginning of a family comes from love of a man and a woman, which design to spend the life together. Love is a description word. The power of love can make everything miracle, you can do the thing that you never do before. Moreover the power of it makes you forgive someone with out any commitment. In the opposite way, hot or ardent love can damage anything neither. So it is hard to find true love and stay with someone for ever and ever. Before love somebody you have to learn each other for long time. This part is helping manual for you to know what the true love is and who truly love you.

1. He/she takes heed on you every time not only the early time of love beginning.
2. He/she will do everything that makes you feel happy although it will trouble or hardship to him/her.
3. He/she will beside and listens to you every time you need somebody.
4. He/she will forgive you although you make him/her disappointed.
5. He/she should be not gives you up whenever you have any problem or to be down on your luck.
6. He/she will understand what you think and should be share the opinions to the right way.
7. He/she will accepts everything that is yours; characteristic, habit, property or personality.
8. He/she should be persuades you to do the right or good thing and protest you when you go on misguided way.
9. He/she should be kind to your parents and your cousins.
10. He/she should be open heart and disclosed to you.

After you find the true love and get married with someone. It is sure that you and your lover will have a resent or angry in some days because nobody can not agree with you everything in ten or twenty years that live together.

This part is helping manual for you to understand how to handle your love and stay with someone with the less offend.

1. You have to listen to him/her much before speaking.
2. You have to understand what his/her attitude before decisions everything.
3. You have to patient to the bad satiation, bad even or bad temperature that may crash to your family.
4. Trustfulness is the important base of family. You have to trust him/her.
5. Beside with him/her every time he/she need someone to understand.
6. Try to please him/her in everyday.
7. Do not forget the important day such as his/her birthday or anniversary and give him/her a special present.
8. Forgive him/her when he/she has mistake, try to explain and develop to the good habits.
9. Go outside together for dinner or picnic in some times for change the environment, join the activities and spare time together such as planting flowers and find a puppet to feed.
10. Although you stay with him/her for a long time but do not forget to add the sweetening agent everydays for your life by KISS and say “I LOVE YOU”.

About the Author: Navivar Athi is a pharmacist. You can consult her at Health-Care. Her websites include: Automotive and Business.

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