Small Stuff That Can Create Havoc

I was having breakfast with my wife this morning; we have bake bean, omelet and hot dog. When I was doing my dishes, my wife came and ask me to do hers.

“I have prepared the breakfast for you. Now you do my dishes.”

I told her that it’s not necessary for her to justify her request. I’m willing to do the dishes for her if she requested it “properly”. The way she asked made me feel uncomfortable, and I did the dishes some sort like unwillingly. The feeling was “I have to” because she had prepared the breakfast.

I told her that I’ll be happy if she say, “Can you do my dishes, please.”

This won’t make me feel obliged to do it. If I do it, I do on my own free will and this will bring happiness inside. I feel happy because I give. I won’t feel the same if I have to give.

I asked her why the need to justify her request, and her answer was “I don’t know”.

To me, it was something to do with the past. She has not put the past where it belong, that is in the past. We have a lot of past experiences that influence how we react to what happen in our life, and we even don’t notice or aware of it.

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