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First of all, I want you to know that it is quite possible that you’re making critical mistakes in your attempts to save your marriage without even knowing it. It’s not your fault, you just may not always receive the best advice from others.

Poor communication is the single biggest reason for couples break up. However, It is not enough for you to learn how to communicate better. You’ll find that it simply teaches you to fight better. What you need is effective communication.

Whatever situation you are in now, don’t give up on your marriage. Forget about the theories and ideas you have heard that aren’t working. The program that I’m going to show you had helped thousands of people worldwide save their marriage, even though the problem appeared to be beyond repair and only you want to work on it.

The Save Marriage Premium Home Study Course is one of the most comprehensive collections of real-life marriage advice for solving real marriage issues. A team of experts researched what the most searched marriage problems were, and asked thousands of people just like you. The thousands of issues fell into some key relationship areas and they are specifically address in the course. It consists of 6 key components:

  • An instant-download 12-part video and written course featuring Andrew Rusbatch, Richard Wheeler, and Amy Waterman. This course contains 2 hours of invaluable information on identifying your issues, examining expectations of marriage, examining beliefs, creating a place for each other, managing anger, falling out of love, and transformation.
  • How to Change Your Partner from Addiction. This course covers issues such as recognizing an addiction (whether it be drugs, alcohol, internet or gambling), addiction treatment, or getting enough from a relationship so that your emotional needs are also being met during this process. Broken into three half-hour segments, you’ll get the actual answers as called by our panel.
  • How To Save Your Marriage When Your Partner Has Depression. Whether your marriage issues revolve around defining and recognizing depression in your partner, looking at ways of seeking treatment for depression sufferers, or creating a relationship that can recognize, talk about and treat depression as a couple, you’ll get valuable information about the best approach to depression from our team.
  • How to Save Your Marriage from Money Problems. Not enough money? Too much money? Arguing over how money is spent? Find the answers to your money problems and delve into the deeper relationship issues with Andrew and the team.
  • How To Save Your Marriage When Your Partner Has Cheated On You. When a partner has strayed outside the relationship, making the decision to acknowledge and discuss the issues can be one of the hardest encounters in a marriage. Clinical psychologist Richard Wheeler hosts a panel discussion on the key issues that a couple must face if they are committed to saving the marriage.
  • Seek Additional Advice and Help with Our Member Consultation. Still unclear about how to approach your marital problem? Contact Andrew, Richard and Amy for more specialized advice tailored to your specific situation. This free email consultation really can help ANY couple with almost ANY marriage problem!
  • “Living with a Partner with Mental Illness” Bonus Audio Interview with Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay. What is it like to live with a spouse with a mental illness? How can you diagnose and help your partner if you suspect they are suffering from mental illness? Discover coping techniques for living with the uncertainty of your partner’s illness and what it takes to rebuild your life again.
  • “How to Keep Your Spouse Interested in You Forever” Special Bonus Audio Interview with Relationship Expert Mimi Tanner. What are the secrets to becoming the person your spouse cannot live without? How can you make your love the kind everyone dreams about? Discover secrets and tools to keep your spouse interested in you forever as Mimi takes you through her top secrets to being happier, more fulfilled, and more in touch with each other than ever before.

The video component of the course is available in high and low resolution as well as QuickTime and Windows Media Player versions that customers can download to their computers.

Plus, anyone who purchases Save My Marriage Today Premium Home Study Course will also get transcripts and study guides for each module thrown in for free! Take the information away from the screen and apply it to saving your marriage. Refer back to key points – over and over again.

I really do believe Andrew and the Save My Marriage Today team are onto a good thing here. The course really can help couples in any marriage situation. The course offer price is still available, so if you get there real quick you can save some money as well as save your marriage. How great is that?

The techniques Andrew and the team revealed are straight to the point, relevant to every marriage, and have been proven over and over to help save couples from the pitfalls of separation and divorce.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! Take a look at: