Romance And Happiness In This Day And Age

I am not a Doctor, a Physiologist nor do I have any degrees or special training in romance and happiness but what I do have is a whole lot of self taught experience on the subject. Like most men, I started life with the belief that romance and sex was the same thing and guaranteed happiness. As I grew older, I learned that this philosophy is the farthest thing from the truth. There is a world of difference between them and in this article I will share with anyone who wants to read it, what romance is and how it can create happiness and how to keep it alive. Keep in mind that this is just an article so it will be the “Readers Digest”, version but I’m sure you will get the basics.

Romance is not only something you read about, see in the movies or on television or dream about, it is a way of life and as such has a language all its own. It is in the things you do and say, in the way you look at someone, touch them and share with them. Unfortunately in today’s fast paced, work harder so we can have more life, simple things like romance get pushed way to the back. For whatever reason making money, buying the newest car or clothes has taken precedent to the warmth and happiness one can experience from a simple touch of a hand.

Happiness can’t be imitated; it is as real as the clouds in the sky or the water that flows down a winding river. It can be felt, touched, sensed and enjoyed. What it can’t be is bought or attained by being ignored. Happiness comes to only those who understand that you have to be happy with yourself before you can have or share real happiness with anyone else. Every morning when we look in the mirror, see the person we are. Not the aesthetics but the inside person, the one we either like or don’t like, the one who makes us who we are and what we don’t like we can change. All any of us has to do is make the first step to change and it will happen.

Romance and happiness is what we all want, long for, desire and can have. The next time you spend time with that special someone instead of being concerned about what we have or what we earn try to share a little of the real person you are or want to be. The next time you come home first instead of chilling out in front of the television or computer, do a load of laundry or surprise that special someone with dinner being cooked or the house being cleaned up. Simple, little things are the real keys to romance and once you figure that out then happiness will be there.

About the Author: Dain Garrett is new to the writing world and being so offers a different perspective to many of the issues faced by so many in today’s world. His writings come from life’s experiences which have given him both many success and failures. It is hoped that the common sense approach the he offers will help some get past the me thing and start to enjoy the we thing.There are many more articles and short stories to come from Dain Garrett, you can read them at and

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