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Reviews of Save Marriage, Stop Divorce and Relationship E-Books and Programs

Fix Your Marriage

There are hundreds of different resources available on the subject of relationship in general, and save marriage and stop divorce in particular. While most of them claiming to be able to help you with your relationship issues, however most of them are ineffective when it comes to addressing the relationship issues. Thus it may be difficult for you to figure out which of the resources is worth considering and which is not.

In order to help you determine which resources can help you save your marriage, stop your divorce or resolve relationship issues, we bring you unbiased reviews of those resources. Here they are:

New Release Guides

1. Getting Her Back for Good – By Michael Webb

This e-book was written specifically for men who have broken up with the love of their lives and desperately want them back AND for men who are still together but feel that their women may betray or leave them one day, so they want to know what to do should anything happen in the future.

One of the hottest books on the market right now is the “How to Get Your Lover Back” Guide. So what makes the guide by Michael Webb so different? Check our review at:

Save Marriage and Stop Divorce Guides

1. Mastery Guide to Saving Marriage and Stopping Divorce

Mastery Guide to Saving Marriage and Stopping Divorce is our hands down favorite guide to saving your marriage and stopping your divorce. The guide was written by Dr. Katie Zaltman, Ph.D, a relationship guru and marriage counselor for over 30 years. The guide offers abundance of fast acting and effective strategies, which only requires the work of a single partner. Although written by a Ph.D holder, the text in the guide is easy to understand and to implement. You can use the techniques immediately and see quick result. It is suitable for nearly every couple and unique situation. The guide has produced the highest number of success stories from extremely satisfied users.

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2. Save My Marriage Today

Amy Waterman, author of Save My Marriage Today, has been in the business of saving marriage and stopping divorce for a long time. Amy’s methods and ideas are superior and easy to understand. The guide has been extremely successful in the art of saving marriage and preventing divorce. It doesn’t preach that you have to change yourself to be a better person for your spouse or tell you that you need to give in to your partner demand and every want. Instead, Amy teaches you sure fire techniques to save your marriage. Amy works with a great team of relationship experts to bring you superior techniques of saving marriage and preventing divorce. With purchase of this guide, you have access to the team, around-the-clock via e-mail, to answer your specific need. [ MORE ]

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3. Keep Your Marriage

Keep Your Marriage was written by married couple, Nancy Wasson, Ph.D, a marriage counselor with 25 years experience, and Lee Hefner. It is an excellent book that provides great ideas, fewer tips compared to our first and second rated book, and thoroughly explained to guide you on the path to a much-improved marital relationship with your partner. Although the book was seem to be written for psychology graduates and occasionally too dry, it offers valuable and effective methods in the prevention of divorce. In one section the guide accurately show how common methods for communication and counseling can actually backfire. This book is actually quite a bargain when you consider you are receiving advice from happily married couple with vast experience of personal and professional experience.

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4. Save the Marriage

In Save the Marriage, marriage counselor Dr. Lee Baucom makes sense of a difficult subject, giving advice and guidance with specific examples which help you to understand the psychology of marriage and relationships. This guide offers a lot of helpful information about saving marriages and repairing broken relationships. The divorce prevention methods found in this book are proactive and can be found in many divorce prevention guides. If you are looking for common or traditional methods for divorce prevention which have proven themselves in the past, then this might be the right book for you.

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