My So Called Married Life

I posted here a problem faced by a young mother of two. I hope readers can share their views to help the mother to provide the best for her children and hopefully, her marriage.

When we were engaged, I could see that my fiancé was lazy to work. However because I love him, I just ignored that. We have been married for 2 years and have two kids. My husband had quit his job, he said he wanted to do freelance. What I can see is that he just sitting at the café with his laptop, and maybe doing some investment. I think he feel secured because I’m working in an oil and gas company.

To my friends, I have a happy marriage. Maybe because we got two kids although we just been married for two years. The truth is we seldom make love, and there was a time when we don’t make love for 6 months. He doesn’t give attention that I wanted, he and his own world. He went out every night and only be back at dawn. How long can I tolerate him? If the kid falls sick, I’m the one who has to bring her to hospital. When I admitted to the hospital, he didn’t visit me. He was sleeping at home. He doesn’t care about me. What I got from this marriage? Just burden, burden and burden.

I have talk to him several times about it. But he doesn’t change. He has been doing his so called freelance work for a year now. I don’t see any money coming in. I’m the one who has to support the family. He is enjoying himself at the café with his friends, I’m suffering at home.

I have asked him to go for marriage counseling which he refused. He said if I want a divorce, just ask for it. I have asked for a divorce, but he doesn’t want a divorce.

What should I do? I can’t take it anymore. Please help me save my marriage.

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