Is Love and Romance Still in the Air?

Valentine’s Day is long over. How about your love and romance? Are they still in the air?

To most people, romance only happened occasionally and under extraordinary circumstances, e.g. on Valentine’s Day, exotic trip, wedding anniversary, etc.

My wife said that I’m not romantic. It occurred to me that she was making me wrong and I don’t want to argue about it. If giving flowers and having candle light dinner on those special days what romance is all about, then romance to me is a waste of money and time. Nevertheless, as a commitment to experience romance, I took my wife out for a dinner at a hotel (it was not the first time I took her out for dinner). In order to have a romantic atmosphere, we leave the kid at home. I enjoyed the dinner but I don’t feel the romance.

I asked my wife what romance mean to her. She said romance is about expressing and showing someone that you love her, you care for her and she means everything to you. It’s a totally different view and I didn’t know that until I asked her. Wow! I can be romantic everyday in my life, no sweat.

According to Webster Dictionary, romance is a fictitious tale of wonderful and extraordinary events characterized by much imagination and idealization.

Thus I don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day or special occasion to show up to be and feel romantic. I can create romance every day in my life and I was not expected to give flowers or taking my spouse out for a candle light dinner.

In the nutshell, romance is made up and is not a function of circumstance. Romance is a function of creation and a way of being. Taking a stroll in the park together and talking about ourselves and how much we mean to each other (not about our kids, works and gossiping) can be a romantic moment. Paddling the paddle boat together in the lake garden can be a romantic moment for us as well.

Are you a romantic person? If you’re not, now you can be one.

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