Flirting With Your Spouse

Hey friends, festival season is approaching fast. That means you will get some holidays to spend with your family. If you want to bring the romance and fire back in your marriage, we are giving you a number of ways to enjoy your marriage even after five or more of your marital relationship. Whether people go for arranged or love marriage, after some years of marriage they start having a monotonous feeling in their marriage. It might be possible that there are so many responsibilities on your shoulders; you are unable to spend quality time with your spouse. But it is not important to spend a lot of time together. What is important is to make effective use of the limited time that you can find.

If you or spouse does not have enough time to share with each other, you can try flirting with each other to bring spark in your marital bond. Flirting with your husband does not mean that you have to spend time in bed to improve your relationship. We know many of you get little time with each other because of your professional liabilities. But flirting means showing affection to your partner by loving gestures and talks. It is a great way to re-infuse romance into your lives.

You are going to attend some party, but you want your husband to stay at home with you. It can be made possible through flirting. Though you may not realize it, you have an inherent power within you to make him obey you merely with your sight. Just deeply stare into the eyes of your spouse for some time, lick your lips and look away. Repeat it for some time and after about 15 minutes only, you will find your husband kissing you blindly. He will definitely forget about the party or meeting his friends.

After some years of your marriage, your man is now a very professional person and might not be able to pay attention to you. It is harmless on your part to make the first move; after all it is the question of saving your marriage. No matter if he is physically absent, you can flirt with him with your enchanted sound. Yes, after the powerful sight, he will recognize you with the strength of your voice. You can call him in his office and let him know again and again that you miss him endlessly. Give him as much compliments as you can because men are no different from women. They love to hear compliments and loving notes. If you are little shy in conveying your feelings there is an additional option for you. Either you can record a cassette in your voice or choose a romantic audio tape and insert it in the music system of your husband’s car. While going to office, when he hears your surprise gift, he would definitely be bound to come home early in the evening.

Some other ways to get flirty with your husband is to be active while making physical contact. Men do not like dummies in the bed and to refresh your relationship you have to be like his companion rather than some rubber doll. Show him your care and love with little gifts. Place them in the most exceptional places so when he gets them, they will give him more joy and happiness. With these few flirty steps, we are sure you will able boost your love relationship with your spouse.

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