Do You Still Have Romance In Your Life?

Do You Still Have Romance In Your Life? If your answer to the question is yes, that’s great. I believe you are living a wonderful life. If the answer is no, please don’t be hard on your self. Nothing wrong about not being romantic, it is just the way it is.

In many part of the world, not being romantic are normal among elderly couples. Allow me to share a story about an elderly couple, who happen to be my friends.

Nancy, a 50 year-old secretary could not have asked for a better New Year gift. Nancy’s New Year resolution was to recreate romantic moments with her 60 year-old husband, Raymond.

On the New Year eve, after finishing shopping, Nancy asked Raymond to join her for coffee at Starbucks. Nancy ordered two tall Cappuccino and two blueberry cheese muffins.

“How much you pay the coffee and the muffins?” Raymond asked with a sniff.

“RM19 for the coffee and RM11.20 for the muffins.”

“What? You must be joking,” Raymond said with a tone that can break an argument.

“That goes my romance,” Nancy said to herself.

The next weekend, Nancy tried to have a romantic moment with her husband one more time. They were having their coffee at the same Starbucks outlet,

“What is romance to you?” Nancy tried to understand her husband.

“It was long gone,” Raymond answered in a low voice.

“For me, it is now. At this very moment, having coffee with you and talking about ourselves,” Nancy shared what she got after going beyond strategizing for love.

Nancy’s sharing opened up something for Raymond. He shared that he enjoys watching beautiful orchid and other rare species. He also loves beautiful sceneries. He said that it will be a romantic moment for him to do these things together with his better half.

Nancy was touched with her husband sharing. She realized that it was her who killed off her own romance the other weekend. She expected her husband to appreciate her for buying him coffee and muffin. She was making him wrong when he did not do what she expected him to do and the sky fell down. When she gave up her expectation and take responsibility to create what she wanted, she got the romance.

To Nancy, I acknowledge you for sharing your world with my wife and me. I also acknowledge both of you for your commitment to live life passionately and romantically. You have touched and inspired my wife and me to create romance in our life, any moment that we want. For me this is the happiest moment in my life, the moment that I realized that romance does not depends on extraordinary circumstances to happen such as Valentine’s Day or Anniversary. I’m now present to a notion that romance is a function of creation and a way of being. Thank you again for sharing with us.

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