Don’t Make Your Ex Jealous

Many relationship gurus support the idea of making your ex jealous as a way of returning her/him back to you. They think your ex will realize how much they like you and will come crawling back. Don’t buy this idea. This technique will more harm than good. It may work initially, but soon enough you’ll be right back where you started.

Why jealousy doesn’t work: When your ex sees you with a new “love interest,” they might conclude any of the following…

  1. You are no longer available. Any lingering doubts they have had are now replaced with a clear sign they should move on, and perhaps find a new love themselves.
  2. You are clearly trying to make them jealous, or you are using this new person as a rebound. In either case, you run the risk of looking immature, which is obviously not an attractor.  If your ex sees through your plan, you efforts to get back together are dead.
  3. Initially, either consciously or sub-consciously, your ex may wonder how they stack up against your new love interest. They may even wonder if they are good enough for you. And for the sake of satisfying their ego, they may get back together with you.


This is what some of the so-called experts have tried to sell. In most cases you will not get back together and for those rare cases that do get back together, their chances for staying together are slim.

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