3 Ways to Win Your Lover Back

Have you lost the hope of ever getting back together with your lover? After a tough breakup, it’s only natural to think that way sometimes.  But we need hope.   Hope is the first step to getting back together.   We can’t get very far when we give up.

When we are down in the dumps, it seems impossible to ever feel the joy and excitement that comes from sharing a deep, loving relationship with the one you love.

But there is good news.  You can get back together with you lover.  There is hope. There are so many things you can do to get your lover back and I’ll give three of them here.

1. Take the focus off of getting back together.

Have a good time and be yourself. Your ex fell in love with you at one time. You were such a great person at that time. Since breakup brings out many emotions, you may be acting quite differently than you were when you first fell in love.  Have a good time and be yourself, be that great person again. Don’t pressure your ex to get back together with you. No one wants to make a decision when they feel pressured.

Now strip all the extra things you might be focusing on right now and instead, just concentrate on being the wonderful, genuine, carefree, beautiful person you’ve always been.  More than anything, this will go a long way to returning your lover into your arms.

2. What if your ex has a new love interest?

You should present a positive contrast.  That is always be yourself, your “best self.”  The best way you can do that is by not competing with your lover’s new partner.  That will only make the situation worse.

When you are with your beloved, be positive and focus on having a good time and sharing positive experiences.  If you are consistently having good experiences, your ex will enjoy a certain feeling of comfort and joy around you.

No matter how it appears on the outside, your ex’s new love interest has flaws too.  It’s not always rosy between them.  If you consistently provide a fun experience and make it comfortable for your ex to be around you, then you can create a positive contrast from what your ex may be experiencing with this other person.  Obviously this makes it much easier for him / her to desire to get back together with you.

3. Don’t do anything which puts your ex on the defensive.

This is truly counterproductive to any efforts of getting back together.  Be careful what questions you ask, especially personal ones.  At a minimum, this leads to your ex feeling uncomfortable and at most it can lead to an argument or an unpleasant experience.  And your ex will not likely want to be with you if they associate you with negative experiences.

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