True Love And Happiness Family

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Family means warmness place to stay, happiness time to share, and understanding persons around you. It is also a base of society. If a child comes from the happy family, it is sure that he or she is going to be a good people in the country. Some families are small; maybe have only a couple of lovers. Some are big families; maybe have father, mother, suns, daughters or grand parents stay together.

The beginning of a family comes from love of a man and a woman, which design to spend the life together. Love is a description word. The power of love can make everything miracle, you can do the thing that you never do before. Moreover the power of it makes you forgive someone with out any commitment. In the opposite way, hot or ardent love can damage anything neither. So it is hard to find true love and stay with someone for ever and ever. Before love somebody you have to learn each other for long time. This part is helping manual for you to know what the true love is and who truly love you.

1. He/she takes heed on you every time not only the early time of love beginning.
2. He/she will do everything that makes you feel happy although it will trouble or hardship to him/her.
3. He/she will beside and listens to you every time you need somebody.
4. He/she will forgive you although you make him/her disappointed.
5. He/she should be not gives you up whenever you have any problem or to be down on your luck.
6. He/she will understand what you think and should be share the opinions to the right way.
7. He/she will accepts everything that is yours; characteristic, habit, property or personality.
8. He/she should be persuades you to do the right or good thing and protest you when you go on misguided way.
9. He/she should be kind to your parents and your cousins.
10. He/she should be open heart and disclosed to you.

After you find the true love and get married with someone. It is sure that you and your lover will have a resent or angry in some days because nobody can not agree with you everything in ten or twenty years that live together.

This part is helping manual for you to understand how to handle your love and stay with someone with the less offend.

1. You have to listen to him/her much before speaking.
2. You have to understand what his/her attitude before decisions everything.
3. You have to patient to the bad satiation, bad even or bad temperature that may crash to your family.
4. Trustfulness is the important base of family. You have to trust him/her.
5. Beside with him/her every time he/she need someone to understand.
6. Try to please him/her in everyday.
7. Do not forget the important day such as his/her birthday or anniversary and give him/her a special present.
8. Forgive him/her when he/she has mistake, try to explain and develop to the good habits.
9. Go outside together for dinner or picnic in some times for change the environment, join the activities and spare time together such as planting flowers and find a puppet to feed.
10. Although you stay with him/her for a long time but do not forget to add the sweetening agent everydays for your life by KISS and say “I LOVE YOU”.

About the Author: Navivar Athi is a pharmacist. You can consult her at Health-Care. Her websites include: Automotive and Business.

Romance And Happiness In This Day And Age

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I am not a Doctor, a Physiologist nor do I have any degrees or special training in romance and happiness but what I do have is a whole lot of self taught experience on the subject. Like most men, I started life with the belief that romance and sex was the same thing and guaranteed happiness. As I grew older, I learned that this philosophy is the farthest thing from the truth. There is a world of difference between them and in this article I will share with anyone who wants to read it, what romance is and how it can create happiness and how to keep it alive. Keep in mind that this is just an article so it will be the “Readers Digest”, version but I’m sure you will get the basics.

Romance is not only something you read about, see in the movies or on television or dream about, it is a way of life and as such has a language all its own. It is in the things you do and say, in the way you look at someone, touch them and share with them. Unfortunately in today’s fast paced, work harder so we can have more life, simple things like romance get pushed way to the back. For whatever reason making money, buying the newest car or clothes has taken precedent to the warmth and happiness one can experience from a simple touch of a hand.

Happiness can’t be imitated; it is as real as the clouds in the sky or the water that flows down a winding river. It can be felt, touched, sensed and enjoyed. What it can’t be is bought or attained by being ignored. Happiness comes to only those who understand that you have to be happy with yourself before you can have or share real happiness with anyone else. Every morning when we look in the mirror, see the person we are. Not the aesthetics but the inside person, the one we either like or don’t like, the one who makes us who we are and what we don’t like we can change. All any of us has to do is make the first step to change and it will happen.

Romance and happiness is what we all want, long for, desire and can have. The next time you spend time with that special someone instead of being concerned about what we have or what we earn try to share a little of the real person you are or want to be. The next time you come home first instead of chilling out in front of the television or computer, do a load of laundry or surprise that special someone with dinner being cooked or the house being cleaned up. Simple, little things are the real keys to romance and once you figure that out then happiness will be there.

About the Author: Dain Garrett is new to the writing world and being so offers a different perspective to many of the issues faced by so many in today’s world. His writings come from life’s experiences which have given him both many success and failures. It is hoped that the common sense approach the he offers will help some get past the me thing and start to enjoy the we thing.There are many more articles and short stories to come from Dain Garrett, you can read them at and

Happiness: Gratitude Is The Key

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Have you ever tried to be something you weren’t? Maybe you’ve made an attempt to be happy when you were feeling less than joyful. The results are usually far from what we were hoping to accomplish. In fact, in the case of emotional states and feelings, trying to feel a certain way will often times send us in the opposite direction. Why is that? Perhaps you can remember when you were a child sitting for your school pictures, and the photographer said to you, “Say cheese”. Why didn’t they simply tell you to smile? You already know the answer; when someone makes a request that you smile, it suddenly becomes difficult.

Conversely, when an unhappy parent or teacher glared at you and said, “You better wipe that smile off your face!” not only did the smile become almost impossible to prevent, you may have even started laughing. What’s going on here? Let me ask you, where does your mind go when I say, “Don’t think of Donald Duck!” ….. let me guess, you thought of Donald Duck, right? The same thing happens when we think about not smiling; we have to think of smiling, to know what we’re not supposed to think about.

When we are trying to be happy, what is the implication? It implies that we are currently unhappy, angry, frustrated, or in one of the other countless “negative” states. Therefore, we are generally spending all of our time thinking about the mood, state, or feeling we are trying to get out of…..which simply causes us to access it more fully.

Gratitude is the way out of this mess; when we have immersed ourselves completely in thinking about the things we are thankful for, we aren’t trying to do anything, we are being what is flowing through us in the moment. You can start by thinking about the people in your life you are thankful for; who are the people that when you think about them, your chest feels warm? Did you have to try to feel that when you were thinking about them? If it was someone you are truly thankful for, those feelings were automatic.

Understandably, the list of things you can think of that you are thankful for is endless. The message however, is very brief and concise; Stop trying to feel happy, and simply step into the magic of gratitude. You’ll be amazed at the difference 10 minutes of being thankful each day will do. In fact, I think you’ll be thankful that you’re doing so.

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Is Love and Romance Still in the Air?

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Valentine’s Day is long over. How about your love and romance? Are they still in the air?

To most people, romance only happened occasionally and under extraordinary circumstances, e.g. on Valentine’s Day, exotic trip, wedding anniversary, etc.

My wife said that I’m not romantic. It occurred to me that she was making me wrong and I don’t want to argue about it. If giving flowers and having candle light dinner on those special days what romance is all about, then romance to me is a waste of money and time. Nevertheless, as a commitment to experience romance, I took my wife out for a dinner at a hotel (it was not the first time I took her out for dinner). In order to have a romantic atmosphere, we leave the kid at home. I enjoyed the dinner but I don’t feel the romance.

I asked my wife what romance mean to her. She said romance is about expressing and showing someone that you love her, you care for her and she means everything to you. It’s a totally different view and I didn’t know that until I asked her. Wow! I can be romantic everyday in my life, no sweat.

According to Webster Dictionary, romance is a fictitious tale of wonderful and extraordinary events characterized by much imagination and idealization.

Thus I don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day or special occasion to show up to be and feel romantic. I can create romance every day in my life and I was not expected to give flowers or taking my spouse out for a candle light dinner.

In the nutshell, romance is made up and is not a function of circumstance. Romance is a function of creation and a way of being. Taking a stroll in the park together and talking about ourselves and how much we mean to each other (not about our kids, works and gossiping) can be a romantic moment. Paddling the paddle boat together in the lake garden can be a romantic moment for us as well.

Are you a romantic person? If you’re not, now you can be one.

Get Your Husband Back – 5 Helpful Tips

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“I want my husband back” is the cries of many women who have seen their marriage start to crumble. Often it happens quietly and slowly and before you know it the marriage looks like it is coming to an end. If you aren’t willing to let your marriage die, if you aren’t willing to let it fall apart right before your very eyes, then do something about it. Here are some tips that can help you get your husband back.

  1. Realize that it wasn’t just you and it wasn’t just him. It was the both of you. If you are willing to make changes in the way you approach the marriage, your husband might be willing to. Some of it comes down to the way you look at the situation.
  2. Realize that it wasn’t all one person who is at fault. “It takes two to tango” the saying goes. The same thing is true in any relationship. It isn’t just one person that makes it work and it isn’t just one person that causes it to fall apart. Don’t put all of the weight on your shoulders and don’t put it all on your husband’s. Pull your weight and encourage him by example to pull his own in trying to make things right.
  3. Start with where you are in life and see where you are in life. Look at what it is that makes you happy and drives you. Look for the same thing with your husband. Try to find common ground. If there is love there, you will find that common ground.
  4. Once you have found that common ground, try to find some way to use that to your advantage. If there is something that brings the two of you joy, try to find some way for the two of you to experience it together. Let it seem like a spontaneous thought and try to make it seem like it is his idea. Try and generate some excitement about it. Don’t go over board with the excitement, though.
  5. When you are doing the things that the both of you love, let him know how special you think he is and how much you appreciate him. Let him know that you miss what you used to have. Let him know how you feel. It is easier to have those feelings reciprocated when you are both having fun doing something you love. Don’t be afraid to tell him, “I want my husband back.” You may just find out he wants the same thing.

You have to know that it may not be possible to get back the relationship to the level it was when it was at its peak. You should believe, though, that what you saw as the high point of your relationship doesn’t have to be the all time high point. The best in life is still to come if you are willing to do the work that you need to do. Tell yourself, “I want my husband back, I want the relationship back stronger than ever” and then work to make it happen.

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